Saturday, April 15, 2017

Cruzin Nostalgia Drags and Hot Rod Reunion April 2017 Willowbank Raceway Photos


Going up to the Willowbank Raceway  on the 29th and 30th  of April  for the Nostalgia Drags to see if I can get some twilight pics if possible .. . The album   will be on Holtys Facebook  page  as usual and on the website  HERE  .     April 2017 Nostalgia Drags Photos 

This is a link to an album  with some I took  in August  2016 ( last year)  if anyone is interested .

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Austin 7 National Tour 2017 Toowoomba Qld

Went up to Toowoomba for a few days in April to photograph the  2017 Austin 7 National Tour  . My aim was to get photos of them "out and about " the district  rather than  in  static displays   unless I  found them  at locations with period correct backgrounds   .

I have  put and album on Holtys Photos Facebook page HERE   with a few photos  from each day .

 Of more importance to ALL the entrants especially Non Facebook users   ALL the  photos   at a higher resolution and better quality  will be on the Holtys Photos  website HERE .    Remember to "click" on your photo to enlarge it BEFORE   you download it  or  Just ask your grandkids to do it for you ....

Looked forward to this  and yes , I got a haircut for the occasion  .

Holty ,The Hirsute Photographer

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2017 High Altitude Rod Run

Had fun going back up the hill for the 1st time in over 20 years . 

2017 High Altitude Hot Rod Run March 10th -12th put on by the Toowoomba Hotrodders Inc. 

Was  there from early  Friday , Saturday and Sunday morning  for the start of the Show and Shine  at the Cobb and Co  Museum  .  

As usual there is an album  on  Holtys Photos Facebook page HERE  

And the exact same photos for the non Facebook people are on  Holtys Photos Webpage HERE.
NB:  REMEMBER to click on  your  photo  to enlarge it BEFORE you copy it . 

Monday, January 16, 2017

10th Annual Moonshine Run Cottonvale QLD

Went up to Petes Rod and Restro Shop  in Cottonvale Qld Australia for the 10 th  Annual Moonshine Run   on the 10 th 12th Feb 2017 .    A bit on the warm side  but better than snow.    

I have put an album on Holtys Photos Facebook Page    as well as Holtys Photos Web Page HERE  for the luddites  .

A few pics I like  but basically , you had to be there . Holty

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Yamba Rod Run Photos 2016

Went down to Yamba on November 11th to 13th for the  annual Yamba Rod Run  put on by the guys and girls of Borderline Street Rodders.  

As usual photos are on Holtys Photos Facebook page  as well as  the new  Holtys Photos web page for NON Facebook users to access their pics.

Use the link  below to go to  Yamba 2016 Rod Run Photos  on the Holtys Photos webpage for NON Facebook users.. 

Yamba 2016 Rod Run Photos 

2015 Show and Shine  pics on Facebook if anyone is interested   HERE 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

40TH Valla Rod Run 2016 Photos

I have put them on Holtys Photos Facebook page   as per usual and  put the same photos on the new photo sharing web page I have set up as well  for non Facebook people  . There is a main directory   that with have sub directories for each day to make it easier for people to find their photos .

40th  VALLA ROD RUN 2016 photos on the new site 

Facebook users that want to " tag" and "share " photos use this link please .

FACEBOOK users  Holtys Photos Facebook ALBUMS  page 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Holtys Photos NEW web page for Photo Sharing

Effective immediately  I will be using a different  site for photo sharing  . WHY ? because it is ad free  , has no  restrictions  and I have modified  it ( simplify  )   for all the "old farts" out there I know that are basically computer illiterate  ( when it suits them ) .

I had added a few albums  for people to get used to  using it but basically   find the album you are looking for ,  left CLICK on it  . scroll through the  pages of thumbnails  to find your photo then  left CLICK  on it  to enlarge it .   To copy the file RIGHT CLICK  on it and save it to  wherever you wish to  put it on your computer...

As usual , if this is STILL TOO confusing  ask your grandkids to do it .....Holty..

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Clarence Valley Historic & Enthusiasts Motor Cycle Club 2016 Rally


If you have access to Facebook  use this link 

If you DONT  ,  use this link to  a photo sharing site on the net that will allow you to copy the EXACT same photos  .

PLEASE NOTE: Once you view your photo click on the icon top right and then click on "download"  . Again if this is too complicated get your grandkids to do it ......

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016 Aussie Triples Rally Northern Rivers NSW Australia

The 7th Aussie Triples Rally is on this weekend  August 19 - 21st . based at Evans Head  but venturing out and about the Northern Rivers  on daily rides over the 3 days .     I will add an album  on Holtys Photos Facebook  page  and also on Photobucket ( for the old farts)   as soon as possible after the event ...  
2016 Aussie Triples PHOTOS link  for Facebook 

PLEASE NOTE  for non Facebook users this is a link to the same photos on Photobucket where you can copy the files photos for free.   And one more time for the "old farts"  please use the directions below.  CLICK on the "wheel" icon on the top right of each pic , THEN click on DOWNLOAD  . NOTE: Remember where YOUR computer  puts the files .  It may go to "Desktop"  or may go to your "Pictures" folder by default ...  This is for Windows users ONLY.... Mac users I have NFI .

USE this link to access the 2016 photo album  on Photobucket please...

2016 Aussir Triples PHOTOS on Photobucket LINK

This is a link to the 2015 Album on Facebook if anyone is interested .